25 Best PC Gaming Chairs – 2022 Buying Guide & Reviews

Although the gaming industry has boomed in recent years and the prices of console chairs have taken a dip, investing in a gaming chair is still a high price decision. With the abundance of options available in the market, the right choice drills down to your personal preference.

As opposed to routine desk chairs, gaming chairs are specifically designed for sitting on it for hours without feeling the fatigue in your spine. Absence of a gaming chair can bring home many medical risks linked to lumbar muscle spasm.

For the same reason, it has become a necessity for hardcore gamers to invest in a gaming chair. The comfort this new addition offers will undoubtedly take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Here are 25 gaming style chairs trending these days. They’ve been carefully handpicked to suit every budget. Each gaming chair is independently weighed down to help you make the right choice.

Let’s take a closer at our selection of gaming chairs for all budgets. The list is curated in low to high price. If you are looking most expensive gaming mouse here is the complete info with complete detail.

Best PC Gaming Chairs

These gaming chairs are on the budget options. If you are low on savings and willing to make minor compromises on features, at least one of these gaming chairs will win your heart. None of these calls for a sacrifice on build quality of the chair.

1. Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair by BestMassage

Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair by BestMassage


Light on the pocket but packed with the essentials. BestMassage offers its Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair for under $50 with free shipping. The assembling tools for the chair come within the package and the setting up time is under 15 minutes. This chair is a popular choice for gamers on a budget as it offers high-density sponge seat, brass rivets height adjustment, and 360 spin. The back tilt control of the chair provides sufficient support to the neck and maintains body posture.

The adjustment features also come with the guarantee of personal safety as the gaming chair has passed all quality assurance tests and can bear the weight of a 250lb man. Besides the essentials, the chair stands out as an affordable choice for its mesh back.

Considering you’ll be seated on it for hours and hours, the mesh back is a good-to-have feature as the chair will keep you safe from the warmth of the leather. The breathable back panel maintains air circulation, while the same is not possible with leather and common fabric back panels. Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 with complete information for those PC Gamers who like to play games with accuracy.

Talking about durability, the Mesh Midback Task Chair will work just fine as long as the gaming sessions are few and far between. The gaming chair is definitely not the most comfortable one out in the market but it is built well to last a couple of years. The Mesh Midback Task Chair lasts long enough for you to decide if you are ready to make an upgrade. Choosing the color is easy as  this gaming chair comes in black only.

  • It is an extremely budget-friendly gaming chair
  • Mesh back provides air circulation and keeps the temperature under control
  • The chair has a sophisticated look with its sleek armrests
  • The armrests are one size and non-adjustable
  • The chair is a runner-up on the comfort scale
  • Mesh in backrest will wear out quickly

2. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Leather Office Chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Leather Office Chair


AmazonBasics Mid-Back Leather Office Chair has the highest number of consumers picks. The black variant of this leather office chair is amongst the first commercially sold, private label, furniture under the brand retail name of Amazon; thereafter this office chair quickly gained popularity. The workmanship and sophistication in the design of the chair is way beyond the $100 price point. 

As the name suggests, this office chair offers basic features only. Seat height adjustment and tilt controls are both pneumatic and the dual caster wheels are made well. The smooth curves in the chair back and high-density seat padding provide a decent level of comfort.  If you are looking for best wireless gaming mouse and keyboards here is the complete artical with pros and cons each and every wireless product.

  • A good pick for its affordable price
  • Chair has an excellent fabrication quality
  • The black leather chair is secured by Amazon
  • The chair has fix tilt levels so it cannot be reclined to every angle
  • A suitable choice for gamers with shorter build
  • Only a limited color choice is available for this office chair

For gamers who like to stay cool, the mesh version is also available in the mid-back chair category; that too at a slightly lower price. It might come as a surprise that this version is more popular amongst the consumers than the leather chair. 

A step up in the AmazonBasics is the High-Back Executive Chair; it is an appropriate choice for taller gamers. In addition to black color, the item is being sold in white and brown leather. The High-Back office leather chair offers an even superior build quality. But the tilt options are still limited. Tilt control and height adjustment knobs are installed underneath the chairs making it easier to make adjustments.

3. Giantex High-Back Race Car Style Bucket Seat Chair

Giantex High-Back Race Car Style Bucket Seat Chair


Giantex High-Back Race Car Style Bucket Seat Chair offers a greater range of gaming chairs to choose from. While some color may be pricier than the rest, the chair will cost around $80 on average. The soft PU leather of the bucket style seat brings the most comfort.

The five 5 wheel casters guarantees greater chair stability and makes you feel safe as you sink in it. The casters are suitable for rolling it on the hard floor as well. Bucket Seat Chair by Giantex has a very sturdy and stylish look.

The seat has 360 degrees swivel rotation but the reclining options are relatively limited. A great number of people find it an ideal leather chair for home use as well as gaming because of its modern stylish look and the comfort.

  • Giantex chairs offers captivating styles and colors
  • Race Car series has appealing bucket seat design
  • The material for chairs’ used is spot on and at par with the price
  • Chair wheelbase is not very durable as it is made out of plastic
  • The seat is slightly stiffer hence no suitable for long gaming sessions
  • The chair has a particular smell that stays for a while

Another worth mentioning product from their office chair line is Giantex High Back PU Leather Ergonomic Office Chair. This is a head-on competition to the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Leather Office Chair. The winning feature is the waterfall cushion that elevate the comfort level to that of high-end stylish gaming chair.

The chair is available in two variants: White chair with Black accents and Black chair with White accents.

Giantex Executive Racing Style Chairs are a style icon in the category of affordable gaming chairs. It is offered in red, blue, green, and yellow, and white nylon material base seat. Both the armrests and seat height are freely adjustable and the advanced tilting mechanism reclines the chair up to an angle of 150 degrees.

This office chair is a great pick for $100 as it is an extremely comfortable chair and there is no need to accessorize it any further. The chairs comes with their own removable back cushion and headrest.

4. Vitesse High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

Vitesse High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair


The style, build quality Vitesse is offering in its gaming chairs in just a $100 is unbelievably true. Designed according to human-oriented ergonomics, the tilt function of the chair supports reclining from anywhere between 90 to 180 degrees.

Vitesse High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair is available in five color styles (red, blue, black and carbon fiber, PU leather, cushion). The wide seat makes it a suitable choice for spine support and A perfect partner for long gaming sessions. The gaming chair is a slightly expensive variant but worth considering as the chair offers adjustable armrests as well. Overall, this leather chair has a stylish trendy look to it.

The only feature incomparable with DXRacer gaming chairs is the robustness in build quality, the rest is on par with it. For the price this good, sturdiness of the gaming chair shouldn’t be held as a bottleneck of the decision to buy it.

Vitesse has a responsive after-sales customer service and offers free parts replacement warranty for a year from the purchase date.The chair is easy to assemble, given the instructions are followed correctly.

  • Chairs are available in appealing styles and colors besides black
  • The chair is made for people with high demands and limited budget
  • Offered in several color choices, each chair give out its own style statement
  • Leather cushioning on the chair hinders air circulation as they are not breathable
  • None of their chair models have adjustable armrests
  • Stiffness of the seat can make it slightly uncomfortable after a few hours of gaming

5. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair with Triple Paddle Control

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair with Triple Paddle Control


Flash offers this fit-for-all chair at an incredibly low price of $60. The mesh back allows air ventilation to keep the gamers cool and comfortable. Flash has a wide range of ergonomic chairs to offer. 

  • Easy to make adjustments with its large paddles
  • Thick padding on the seat give the chair an enhanced comfort level
  • The brand offer the widest color range than other chair manufacturer does
  • Assembling the chair is a tedious task
  • The backrest design lags the comfort level needing in a gaming session
  • Armrests of the chair are too high

Black Leather Executive Office Chair with Triple Paddle Control is the right choice for the leather fans out there. The chair has the same features as the mesh equivalent of the gaming style chair by Flash. The black contoured leather cushion adds a nice classy yet sturdy touch to the comfortable look of the office chairs. Armrests have thick cushioning as well.

The chair is lightweight, making it extremely easy to move around the house from one room to another. Flash Black Leather Guest Chair makes an ideal on-the-budget pick for the guest players and spectators.

Amazon’s bestseller, Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Chair is much talked about in the world of chiropractic. It’s called the ideal ergonomic chair. They say this chair will take care of your back like no other office chair can. It is the ideal chair for gamers with persisting back pain. Do you need more reasons to make this your pick!

Breathability is the chair’s forte.

6. Modway Veer Mid-Back Office Chair

Modway Veer Mid-Back Office Chair


is available in 8 exciting colors. So there’s at least one more chair for everyone’s liking beside black. The armrests of the chair are adjustable to your height. The curve in the backrest aids in maintaining a posture that is right for your body.

You can find the right tilt angle of the chair and seat height with just a turn of the knob. The seat is lightweight so it is easy to move the chair around. Caster wheels glide over the carpet and wooden floor without leaving a mark. 

This gaming chair provides a complete ergonomic solution at an extremely reasonable price of just $100. To make the purchase even lighter on the wallet, trade in the adjustable armrest of the chair for $20 and buy one from the Modway Ardor model chairs. These chairs are just as good as Veer Mid-Back, except for the armrests.

  • Chair is price competitive as the features and build quality is good
  • Breathable back mesh keeps the gamer cool and comfortable
  • The chair is available in wide color range
  • Leaning back on the chair is out of option
  • Seat padding is stiff and becomes slightly uncomfortable after a few hours of gaming
  • Height adjustment knobs of the chair is not smooth, they occasionally get stuck

Best Gaming Chairs Under $400

Chairs that are value for money and need no compromise on any essential feature.

7. Arozzi Enzo Series Racing Style Chair

Arozzi Enzo Series Racing Style Chair


With Arozzi Enzo Series Racing Style Chair you can get a basic look of racing-style chairs for around $200 price point. With a top-up of $100 more for customization, you can get the exact looks and features of DX Racer chairs. Although, adding a hundred bucks for accessories of a gaming chair may be a bit uncalled for.

This chair has a quality build, thick cushioning and a stylish look to it. Arozzi Enzo’s chairs  lags when it comes to ergonomic features as the armrests are fixed. There’s no back and neck rest with the chair. To get these features, you need to take a step further and look at a more expensive gaming chairs like Arozzi Enzo Torretta Series 

  • Chairs have a modern and eye-catchy look
  • Ample padding provides the chair with much needed comfort
  • The comfort level is close to the DXRacer chairs
  • Limited adjustment options are available in this chair model
  • The armrests are fixed and cannot be adjusted according to game needs
  • Backrest and neck pillow is missing in this chair

8. Flash Furniture White Leather Executive Office Chair

Flash Furniture White Leather Executive Office Chair


Flash Furniture has a wide range of office chairs suitable for all budgets. With its pure white overall cushioning, the Executive Office Chair has a luxurious premium look to it. This chair is an ideal pick for gamers gutsy enough to escape the mundane dark look of the gaming area.

The high price of the office chair may hurt your pocket, but it’s worth every penny. The winning features of this leather chair are the lift-up arms that can be flipped up to get them out of the way when the gaming session gets intense. This office chair has a built-in lumbar support and tilt lock mechanism to hold the chair in an upright position.

The white leather may look bold and ethereal but the chair will get dirty very quickly. To keep the chair clean, take some time out for weekly housekeeping.

  • The chair has a sharp stylish look
  • Chair is comfortable and wide enough to fit users of any size
  • Durability is a guaranteed promise by the brand
  • White colors get dirty quickly and needs frequent cleaning
  • Only limited adjustment options are available in this chair model
  • Light padding is an instant hit to the comfort of the chair

9. SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid EcoLeather Chair

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid EcoLeather Chair


The SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Back Chair is a one-for-all gaming chair. This leather chair has a great sturdy look with adjustable arms, variable height, and 2-to-1 synchro-tilt function. The heavy-duty wheels base of the gaming chair is extremely robust and permits 360 swivel. Disclaimer! The casters of this chair is only carpet friendly and will scratch the hard floor.

The combination of mesh and leather in the backrest gives the chair a good balance of comfort and air circulation. The one-touch adjustment makes it convenient to adjust it to your posture.

AirGrid EcoLeather Chair is amongst the best selling gaming chairs on Amazon. The price of $150 is on point with the feature it’s offering.

  • Leather padding of the chair is extremely comfortable
  • The chair is easy to unbox and assemble
  • Multiple style options are available in this series
  • Armrests of the chair seem fragile
  • Mesh area in the backrest of the chair wears down quickly
  • The backrest is a bit stiff and not suitable for frequent gaming sessions

SPACE Seating also offers a wide range of companion leather chairs. The chairs have a professional look to it. Your buddy will be delighted to come over for a gaming session and enjoy the new addition.

10. Lorell Executive High-Back Mesh Chair

Lorell Executive High-Back Mesh Chair


The looks of the chair may not do justice but the price to feature ratio does it very well. With the advanced lever control system, the chair adjusts to your body requirement perfectly. Even the seat height and tilt level can be adjusted independently and it will locks in its place.

The levers give the privilege of 2D armrests adjustment, height wise and as well as widthwise. This a rather unique ergonomic feature not seen to most gaming chairs. The chair keeps you cool with its breathable mesh back and keeps you comfortable with the fabric and mesh mixture.

The Lorell Executive High-Back Mesh Chair is ergonomically designed and matches perfectly with the natural curvature of a person’s back.

  • Mesh back part of the chair keeps the air circulating through it
  • A fit option for people demanding ergonomics
  • Chairs’ Armrests are adjustable in two dimensions, width and height
  • Chairs’ Looks are not appealing at first glance and it draws down the sellability of the chair
  • Spinning can knock things out due to the wide dimensions and protruding top edge of the chair
  • The seat is lightly padded and becomes uncomfortable within an hour of gaming

11. Homall Bucket Seat High-Back Gaming Chair

Homall Bucket Seat High-Back Gaming Chair


Homall Bucket Seat High-Back Gaming Chair is high in demand for its extremely fair price with advanced features. The chair is a hybrid of a grandma’s rocking chair and gamers sturdy sporty haven. Because of its rocking style, the chair will soon find a new purpose to it, that is to be your reading partner after gaming sessions.  

The leather upholstery of the chairs is extremely durable. The chair has a decent amount of padding, the back is contoured and the armrests can be flipped up quickly during the gaming session. But cushioning of the chair is made with PU leather so it’s not as soft and comfortable as a real leather chair is.

PU leather is a downside when it comes to breathability of the chair. Homall Bucket Seat stands out for its PU Leather wheels that leave the floor scratchless as the chair skids. The chair is available in 4 colors to select. 

  • Caters are wood-friendly, skidding the chair won’t damage the floor
  • The chair is an instant seller for its high style to price point ratio
  • Chair rocks back and forth smoothly
  • PU Leather heats-up the chair quickly, not a suitable choice for gamers who radiate body heat
  • The chair lags in the basic ergonomic features such as chair adjustments
  • Plastic parts of the chair are not durable and get damaged quickly

12. Respawn 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Respawn 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair


Believe it or not, Respawn chairs  will easily win your heart with its innovative techno look. While $300 may seem like a big investment, the features offered by this chic gaming chair will remove all your doubts. The chair is Integrated with the fresh design elements like artistic side panels at the headrest.

Seat has highly contoured lumbar support to give you a comfortable feel that lasts throughout the gaming session. The cushion support at back is non-adjustable but the chair gets the job right for a gamer with an average build.

Breathability is well taken care of with its open mesh back. 4D adjustability option in the chair gives infinite tilt control angle locks between 90 to 180 degrees, height and depth adjustment.

  • Breathable mesh back of the chair maintains air circulation
  • The chair gets full points for its catchy look
  • Chairs are paired with a dedicated cushion support for the back
  • Gamers with shorter stature might want a size smaller than this
  • Adjustment levers are not approachable during gaming sessions
  • Armrests of the seat are not adjustable making it ergonomically unfit

13. Arozzi Verona Junior Gaming Chair

Arozzi Verona Junior Gaming Chair


Arozzi Verona has broken the stereotype in the gaming chair business, that only the bigger and heavier chairs are better. They have shown their empathy on limited chairs available in the market for men of shorter stature by launching their Junior Gaming Chair for slim and short gammers.

The build quality of the chair is good and has a no-fuss assembly. This small size chair offers 2D armrest adjustment control, steep reclining angles. The leather upholstery makes cleaning the chair a very easy job.

  • Its relatively smaller dimensions make the chair a right pick for Teenagers and Petites
  • The leather chair has durable build and comfortable cushioning
  • Extremely easy to unbox and assemble the chair
  • The designed weight limit of the chair is suitable for Petites only
  • Armrests of the chair are flimsy and can break if not handled with care
  • A high price option for the chair of this size

14. LEVL Alpha M Series Gaming Chair

LEVL Alpha M Series Gaming Chair


With the Alpha M Series, LEVL has picked up popularity in the gaming world and is in close competition with  DXRACER and Arozzi gaming chair manufacturers. The chairs have a highly durable feel and are a top quality gaming chair.

Alpha M Series offers a great solution to your aching back and neck with its superior comfort which is achieved with a thick foam cushion, and contoured backrest integrated with lumbar support pillow.

Soft wheel casters are safe for carpet, wood and tile flooring. M Series is slightly larger than its preceding series and has noticeable improvements. The 1’’ thick seat padding of the chair has been replaced with 4” high-density padding. If you are a medium fit, this gaming chair will be a perfect fit.

  • Offers free return policy within the 60day trial period
  • The chair is is ergonomically fit for all
  • The chair is available in 3 vibrant colors
  • Moving the chair around the house is a tedious task because of its weight and bulkiness
  • A relatively new and unknown brand, it will take a few years to make it’s name in the market
  • Armrest is too fragile and do not match the overall look of the chair

15. DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chairs

DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chairs


The much waited for gaming chairs, DXRacer Formula Series has an extremely attractive sporty look to it. Bear in mind, the style in design of the chairs does not come at any compromise on ergonomics. DXRacer chairs comes in many color variants and styles.

Even the cushioning options are customizable between vinyl, cloth, PU leather or the breathable race car upholstery. DXRacer’s gaming chairs is available across all Europe and gives a warranty of 2years on parts and a lifetime for the frame of the chair.

The chair back is straight and contourless and the lumbar and neck support pillows are provided with the chair separately. Cold cure foam filling makes the chairs comfortable for extended gaming sessions. The chair backrest has a tilt option of upto 135 degrees, 3D adjustable armrests, and extremely smooth height adjustment and superb stability.

The chairs are solid, sturdy and durable. It gives out the feel of a real-life race car. You can tilt the chair to a lower degree to enjoy a good sleep after the late-night gaming session. The premium seating experience will give you a comfort that will glue you to it.

DXRacer Formula series gaming chairs  start at $300 price point and will go up to anywhere near $450 plus, with its King Series Chairs. This chair offers exceptional customizability and fully adapts to your requirements.

The chairs are ergonomically engineered with 4-dimensional armrests, fully adjustable backrest and high-quality cold foam. Both design specification and material of the chair have been carefully picked; to deliver the comfort you deserve during extended gaming sessions. With DXRacer chair, the time in front of the computer.will fly in a jiffy. 

  • Chairs give out the high-end feel even when you come up close
  • The brand offers a lot of custom options in the chairs
  • Height and tilt functions of the chair are easily adjustable
  • The article is slightly high in price, considering it is a basic model only
  • Back contours are missing, they would have added to the comfort level of the chair

About DXRacer Chairs

A reputable brand, dedicatedly serving gamers top-notch ergonomic chairs that are integrated with style and fresh features. As the name suggests, DXRacer Chairs was introduced in the market as race car seat manufacturers.

Then they eventually expanded their business and crept into the gaming market. They quickly gained popularity in the gaming world as well. Their primary goal is quality and ergonomics in the chairs and it is received by gamers positively.

Today DXRacer is a trusted name that features some of the most popular high-end chairs in the gaming world. They hold a major chunk of market share in the gaming business worldwide. 

Support eSportsDesigned for work and playModels and stylesReclining feature

eSports and DXRacer partnership goes a long way. They have been working hand in hand since 2013 as eSports’ official partners. DXRacer Chair will also be the official gaming chair provider for the eSport circuit this year, at Gear5 eSports.

While this news may not make or break your decision to opt for DXRacer chairs. But it will build your trust in the brand name. 

As the promoters of Ergonomics and health-conscious gaming, comfort is of the utmost priority to them.

With any normal chair, your spine starts sending out signals of pain as you take a dive into your gaming session. But not with DXRacer chairs. The chairs takes care of your spine like it’s their own. Each part of the chair can be adjusted independently to suit your needs. Head and lumbar pillows of the chair are integrated to provide comfort and support. Some models even have mesh and fabric duo to keep the climate in control. This brand offers a great variety of features in their chairs and it is worth investing in.

DXRacer surely works at a slightly higher price range. But they still have a couple of basic chairs that are at a considerably reasonable price. This brand delivers durability and high-quality material in every chair. If you an eSports fan and have a favorite eSport organization, chances are you will be able to find chairs with their logo or team color on their website. The style and options DXRacer chairs have to offer are countless and equivalent to chairs of any renowned brand in the market. The chairs are offered in a wide color range, from the most decent selection of blacks and white chairs to the bright vibrant shades. The DXRacer chair will all add an X-Factor to your arena.

This option always comes in handy after you have spent long hours in the same position and your spine has started to ache because of the stress you had put it in to while you were enjoying gaming. The reclining feature in the chairs will instantly gives your back a relieve. Use the reclining feature of the chair whenever you need a mini-break.

Quick Reference Guide

DXRacers has split its chairs broadly into five categories. This short guide will be extremely helpful for serious buyers to get their heads around DXRacer’s jargon.

O-Series: O is for Origin.

The basic and the most economic variant  by DXRacer. The chairs are a hybrid of mesh and PU leather and the armrest not adjustable.

F-Series: F is for Formula

Chairs will nearly the same features as Origin series chairs except for adjustable arms.

R-Series: R is for Racing.

With its taller back, Racing series chairs are specifically designed for tall gamers.

K-Series: K is for King.

Deluxe series chairs offer 4 dimensional adjustable arms and greater stability with aluminum base and larger casters.

S-Series: S for Sentinel

Chairs specifically for all the big boys.

T-Series: T for Tank.

A rather rare series. Buy this series chair only if you can not fit in the Sentinel Series.

16. Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair

Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair


With the Secretlab’s website, all your gaming wishes will come true. They empower users to customize Omega, their flagship article. Do as it suits your taste, go bold or play safe, the choice is yours.

It's a simple process of pick and choose. Step one is to select an upholstery, the choices available are vegan PRIME PU Leather, Softweave Fabric, and luxurious NAPA leather. NAPA leather may sound new to you, but this type of leather has been in use for fabricating high-end leather products and car seats for a while now.

In step two, you choose a color that matches your style. That’s all it takes to create your version of Omega. the chairs’ cost will vary depending on your selection. With so much flexibility, Secretlab also offers a 7week refund policy on all the chairs.

So basically after the product has arrived at your doorstep and upon unboxing the chair doesn’t look the same as you had in your mind, you don’t have to force yourself to stick around with the chair for the rest of life. Follow your guts and return it. Isn’t that amazing?

  • The brand offers unmatched customer service and flexibility to the gamers
  • Countless customization options are available to choose from
  • It is an entrusted brand that has been in the market for a while now
  • The chair’s dimension make it chair specific to gamer’s build
  • Non adjustable spin support can make the backache after extended gaming sessions
  • Head and neck support pillows are only lightly padded

17. Clutch Chairz Shift Series Gaming Chairs

Clutch Chairz Shift Series Gaming Chairs


With their rapidly increasing product line, Clutch Chairz is in a one-on-one race with LEVL to make its name in the gaming market. For somewhere around $300, you can purchase a reasonably advance gaming chair from this brand. By adding a further $80 to your budget, you will land at the Clutch Shift Alpha Series.

It is amongst the few in the gaming market that will not put you in a dilemma of putting a tick and a cross against the features you wish to have in your gaming chair. The shipping box comes with a seat, backrest, 4D armrests, headrest, and lumbar support cushion. It is fairly easy to unpack and assemble the chair.

While putting the chair together you will realize that each component is made with good material and excellent workmanship. Heavy aluminum base, wide armrests and ample padding, they all speak for the premium quality of the gaming chair. All the components are made to last which is why Clutch Chairz is backed by a lifetime warranty. 

The Shift series chairs are known for its sophisticated design and premium looks. The extra thick seat padding and contoured back allow you to feel the comfort of your bed disguised in a gaming chair. The oversized pillow gives a natural support to your spine and will put your posture to its ideal healthy position.

The chair makes your body feel weightless, energized and stress-free. The comfort level in Alpha Series has the capability to easily replace your bed, had the chair been integrated with a 100% recline-ability.

  • The design is robust and sturdy and has excellent build quality
  • Zero gravity reclining mechanism gives you a floating feel
  • A brand you can trust
  • Cumbersome return policy
  • Lumbar pillow lags the comfort user anticipate
  • Footrests would have been a good-to-have feature in this chair

18. Anda Seat Dark Wizard Series Gaming Chair

Anda Seat Dark Wizard Series Gaming Chair


After receiving popularity in Asia, Anda Seat is now advancing to the USA and Canadian Market with its stylish and comfortable gaming chairs. With generous paddy pillowy seats and lumbar cushions, the Wizard Series has a hint of La-Z- Boy leather chair style to it.

The padding extends down from neck rest to shoulders and upper back. While everything else is packed with foam padding, the armrests were skipped for some odd reason. Nevertheless, the black-on-black premium comfy look is so appealing that you will not look at another gaming chair after it. One of the highlights of Anda Seat is their attention to quality.

Anda handles the end to end production, assembling and product promotion. Nothing is outsourced. Their chairs are designed in-house by their intellect workforce as they believe in originality. You’ll find a lot of chairs by Anda within the price range of $300 to $330.

  • They offer a 30 day trial period in addition to 1.5year warranty
  • Thick overall padding makes it a comfortable choice
  • Black leather enhances it overall look and gives a premium touch to it
  • Pillowy padding adds to the weight of the chair so it is difficult to move the chair around
  • Armrest padding is missing from the design specs
  • Little brand name in the market

19. SecretLab Titan Gaming Chair

SecretLab Titan Gaming Chair


Fit for gamers with a large build, the Titan gaming chair can bear the weight of up to 290 pounds, it’s SecretLab’s largest size edition to date. The ultra-wide base, robust frame and aluminum base weighs 77 pounds and the build quality is unmatched.

The integrated lumbar adjustment system recedes to the angle of your liking and gives the feel of an in-built lower back cushion tailor-made for you. SecretLab Titan holds a cutting edge over most of its competitors when it comes to visuals.

The black leather upholstery of the chair is stitched with vibrant color, this brings out the stylish look of the gaming chair. The components are very durable, I bet SecretLab’s gaming chairs can withstand any calamity. 

The padding is relatively stiff and you won't sink in the chair, as you might have in the Dark Wizard edition by Anda Seat. The leather chair has two levers underneath the seat, one is the tilt adjustment lock and the other is standard height adjustment. A combination of these two levers will deliver the perfect backrest position that suits your sitting position. The lumbar adjustment lies at the side of the backrest making it come to use more frequently. 

The high price point of $500 may stop your heart for a moment but the attention to the stitching details of the leather cover and fluid-based adjustment knobs are the real deal in this chair. Watch out for the sale on SecretLab website, as they’re pretty generous on putting the articles at unbelievably low prices.

You can save up to $150 by catching one such opportunity. To assist you in putting the gaming chair together in one piece, the delivery box has an assembly guide. SecretLab’s attention to even the slightest of the details is very impressive.

  • Red stitching on Black Leather gives a classy look to the chair
  • Sophisticated lumbar adjustments system is a plus
  • An extremely stable chair due to its heavy aluminum base
  • An expensive option on full price
  • Only a limited number of variants are offered
  • Not suitable for users under 5’ 7’’, it is a big man’s chair

Best High-End Computer Gaming Chairs ($400+)

20. MAXNOMIC Ergoceptor Series Gaming Chair

MAXNOMIC Ergoceptor Series Gaming Chair


MAXNOMIC has over 40 gaming chairs in its product line. Ergoreceptor is the latest addition that will take your breath away with its incredible features and upholstery. The gaming chair rocks and glides back and forth. Assembling this leather chair is self-explanatory as the step-by-step pictorial guide has all the details. 

The Ergoreceptors perform their function brilliantly by counterbalancing the movement, giving out the comfort of the chair a gamer deserves. MAXNOMIC Egroceptor offers an eSports gaming chair experience with its firm base that feels good even after long sitting period. The Lumbar support is at par with Secretlab Titan chair.

The armrests are adjustable in 4 directions. You can lift them up and down, forward and backward, bringing them close or away from you, and even rotate them to a few degrees. Multilayer PU leather cushioning has an interesting stitching pattern with silver accents that instantly strike the eyes and making this gaming chair a go-to option. The overall look of the chair reflects the quality and durability of the Egroceptor.

  • Extremely comfortable option due to the extensive ergonomic features
  • Adjustable lumbar support makes it suitable for long gaming sessions
  • Unique stitching pattern on black upholstery makes it an appealing choice
  • Although the features are value for money but an expensive option overall
  • Only a limited color range is available

21. Noblechairs ICON Real Leather Gaming Chair

Noblechairs ICON Real Leather Gaming Chair


Noblechairs’s ICON is an excellent professional looking chair in their product line. A unique thing about them is that they are amongst the few brands that feature genuine leather upholstery instead of PU leather.

The genuine leather is offered in three styles: midnight blue and graphite, all black, and cognac and black. The faux leather version is offered in black and an accent of your own choice from 5 different colors.

Switching from faux to genuine leather will cost you an extra $200. The genuine leather with a quilted pattern is the catch. But the gamers who run warm are suggested to consider the mesh material designs by noblechairs. Assembling the chair is a quick process, the guide also includes care instructions for long-lasting product durability and tips on adjusting the chair. 

There is a remarkable difference in genuine leather and PU leather in looks, durability, and feel. The chair is crafted with premium leather components and follows ergonomic standards. 4D armrests look high quality; each dimension of the armrest is adjusted through a separate button.

The chair levers and knobs adjust smoothly. All these features are a testament to superior craftsmanship. Two of the downside to this gaming chair is the non-padded armrests that eventually start hurting the elbows and the bonus pillow that doesn’t do justice to the overall look. Having said that, these are only minor problems that are insignificant in the overall picture.

  • Genuine black leather is the winning feature of this chair
  • Multiple color options are available for leather stitching
  • Quilted leather gives the chair a classy premium look to it
  • Chair lags in lumbar support
  • The premium quality comes with a price too heavy on the pocket

22. Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic High-Back Chair

Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic High-Back Chair


Ergohuman took the word ergonomics extremely seriously in their premium office chair line. The Mesh Ergonomic High-Back Chair has an advance three-module spine support system that locks the chair into any position of your choice.

Even the back, head and seat cushion are adjustable. Full contoured mesh back will keep your system cool and provide long term comfort. Ergonomic High-Back Chair also has the option of leather upholstery, and that too in fresh appealing colors. If your a fan of leather, this is a good option to keep under consideration.

Nearly every part of the gaming chair is adjustable, be it the chair height, armrest height or even arm pad pivot. The tilt function is adjustable at four different levels. The spine is supported up to the neck with its high back and multi-point lumbar support.

The stylish looking chair has a 5-year warranty on the padding and a lifetime warranty on parts. Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic High-Back Chair comes with comfort and ergonomic features for a price of $550 plus.

  • The overall aluminum structure gives it durability and quality build
  • Adjustment levers are very smooth and the chair sit neatly at all adjustable levels
  • High backrest makes it a comfortable choice
  • Seat unit cannot be titled entirely up or down
  • Assembling the chair is a time consuming process
  • Mesh part of the backrest may feel uncomfortable after a while

23. GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair

GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair


GM Seating Ergolux is a gorgeous looking luxury leather chair that has a modern touch to it. Staying true to its name, this executive chair is cushioned with top quality genuine leather. It is packed with a ton of features: adjustable headrest, height and backrest angle adjustment, 3D armrest, synchronous tilt mechanism, lumbar support system, and seat slider.

You name it and it’s on the list. No other office chair comes at par with the package GM Seating has to offer in its executive leather series. This beauty is available in three colors. Black and burgundy have top grain leather upholstery and for the ‘snow white’, genuine calfskin leather is used.

  • Top grain genuine leather is used for the upholstery
  • Advance ergonomic features are incorporated in the design
  • It has a modern and stylish look overall
  • The seats feels hard as it is lightly padded
  • Getting familiar to it’s feel can take a while
  • Cream color may look ethereal but it is high maintenance color

24. Gesture Chair by Steelcase

Gesture Chair by Steelcase


SteelCase is a prestigious brand that takes its product design very seriously. They conducted a research by collected reviews of over 2000 people, across eleven countries, to decipher the basic posture requirements of a human body.

What came out as a result of this study is the best high-end gaming chair for a hardcore gamer: Gesture Chair by Steelcase. Its comfort level will float you in the clouds. The seat and back adjustments are integrated so it moves as a synchronous system.

With its gesture supportive design, the armrests have a humanized touch to the chair. They simultaneously move to your eye level  as the device is brought closer to the eyes; avoiding any awkward or unhealthy posture. The armrests also recline as the backrest tilt is increased. It ensures persistent support and keeps the posture right. This chair is a bliss for your spine.

The chair is available in both fabric and leather upholstery. 

  • It offers a comfort level that is unmatched with any chair listed here
  • The synchronised adjustment system ensures persistent support to the spine
  • Steelcase stays true to its promise on premium upholstery and durability
  • Extremely high priced, buying this chair calls for a big investment
  • Some of the users may not be able to adjust well to the angular backrest

Steelcase Leap is another marvelous design by Steelcase which has been out in the market for a while now. Users have titled it as the best ergonomic chair, some even believe it’s posture corrective mechanism cured their back pain. Consider yourself lucky if you can locate this leather chair in the market as it is a slightly less expensive than SteelCase Gesture Chair.

25. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair


Herman Miller is the best a gamer can get to fuel his wishes. The gaming chair calls for huge investment as the Embody Series Chair hangs around the price point of $1500. This investment comes will a promise of life long durability and loyalty.

The contours of the chair will memorize every movement of your body and reorganize it whenever it tries to escape a healthy posture. With time it will sink in your body smoothly and give you a sense of relaxation in your most natural habitat while correcting your posture.

An ideal pick for hardcore gamers.The chair will not leave any traces of damage to your spine even after sitting 6-8hours on the chair, glued to your console.

By no means, we are suggesting to skip short breaks in between.

  • The comfort Herman Miller Chairs is incomparable
  • Extremely cooperative customer support and the brand offers a 12year warranty
  • Ergonomic support offered in this article is unmatched
  • Purchasing this will take your life long savings
  • Part replacement is not covered under warranty
  • Forcefully corrects your body posture, some users might feel uncomfortable

Herman Miller is a pioneer in premium ergonomic chair supplies. The Mirra Chair by Herman Miller is the simpler mesh version of their ergonomic chair with the same sleek professional look to it, the kind you’ll see at law firms. The waterfall mesh seat promotes ergonomic posture and keeps the air circulating and distributes the weight evenly. It is available in seventeen amazing colors.

The PostureFit Aeron Chair costs half the price of the Herman Embody Chair and has nearly all adjustment mechanisms. For $900, you’re getting an office chair that gives real-life CEO feels. The chair quickly adjusts to your posture and will be your gaming partner for a long time.

Another plus is that Herman Miller features its parts on the website. So if a part needs replacement after 12year of warranty, it as easy as purchasing it online and having it delivered at your doorstep.

Gaming Chair Guide Part I: 7 Popular Types of Gaming Chairs

While some gamers prefer a rocking gaming chair, others choose pedestal gaming chair. Gaming chairs come in seven distinct categories. Some are designed for PC gaming, some for the console, and some are suitable for both.

 Gauge your chair preference with the basic merits of budget versus utility and make the right choice.

Bean BagRockerPedestalArm ChairWheelbaseSimulatorWorkstation

The bean bag style gaming chair is a poor man retreat. They’re inexpensive and insanely comfortable. But with this style, you can not rock and swivel. Its ideally for platform systems but if your console is at height than you’d need a massive bean bag to raise you to its level. It is a budget-friendly choice for newbies who have temporarily made the living room their arena. It is easy to store and even easier to move around. The fluff of the bean bags provides your spine with some support. You may spend a couple of hours on the chair playing your favorite game, the improper posture has its consequences which reveal gradually. If you don’t like the flimsiness of a bean bag, try inflatable chair. It provides has a solid structure and rugged base. Some inflatable chairs come in full-body ottoman style to give your back and arms stable support to rest on.The upside is the convenience of moving the chair around, but that comes with the downside of getting punctured and deflating.

The Rockers are exclusively made for console gaming as it lays lowly on the floor and rocks back and forth. Rockers gained popularity after XRockers introduced it as a gaming chair and is a trusted brand name till date for rocking gaming chair. Their market leaders in this type of chair for video game arenas.

When it comes to comfort, they’re a step ahead from bean bags but a step higher cost as well. These chairs are comfortable and stylish enough look to be parked in the living room. Some weigh about 50 pounds, so it’s not easy to move them around often.

Rockers do not swivel left to right. Some complain that the chair gets a little uncomfortable after 8+ hours of continuous sitting. Not the ideal pick for hardcore gamers as your back will be very unhappy to sit on continuously and will show the rage against after a couple of weeks. The latest rockers are also integrated with an audio deck. Buy it if you are a night riser but you do not want the kids to wake up from all the sound effects.

Pedestals are a crossbreed of rocking chairs and wheelbase. People use it for their desk but hardcore gamers use pedestal chairs for console gaming only. XRocker is a popular brand in this style as well. Pedestals are slightly more expensive than rockers but it gets you off the ground slights and lets you swivel around instead of just rocking back and forth. Advance variants also have tilt capabilities along with other ergonomics features. XRocker Extreme III has taken a step further in accessorizing the pedestal chair by incorporating 2.1 surround audio. It has built-in peripherals for total submission to your passion Plays video games or listen to music, this is an excellent Pedestal chair that brings leisure at its peak. 

Armchairs are puffed-up stationary chairs The downside of the armchairs is you can't rock and roll or even swivel. XRocker Triple Flip is a well thought out design with storage compartments underneath the seat. Even the backrest is foldable and can be turned into a footrest. For as long as you’re not a pro spinning chair type, this will work out for you pretty well. Arm Chair usually comes with a solid high-end finish and ergonomic design. These days, to enhance the gaming experience they have incorporated interactive features like a built-in audio module.

To date the most popular chairs for PC gaming. These chairs offers excellent comfort and mobility. The wheelbase lets the gamer take a spin around and slide from one room to another. Some models have a reclining back for you to catch some sleep without needing to get up from the chair and walk to your bed. Wheelbase chair comes in countless variations, from basic office chairs to stylish gaming style chairs. There’s one for every pocket size. The price range varies at the cost to comfort and features of course. This office chair style will typically have wheelbase, sturdy back, and arm support. The degree of adjustability varies from brand to brand. Ergonomic features may not be available in an economical version. Hardcore gamers are advised to stretch their pockets slightly to keep your spine happy. Pedestal chairs have the greatest variety in the market. From mesh style contoured and genuine leather to synchronous tilt mechanism and 4D adjustable armrests; these countless options need careful consideration before jumping to the final decision of what to buy. 

The assembly of these types of chairs is usually very simple as they usually come with an assembling guide book. Plus you only need basic DIY skills to add new accessories and customize the chair to suit your body needs. 

It is a step further in the world of gaming chairs. A high priced interest, but the racing enthusiasts find their peace in this type. Simulators usually come as an all-in-one package and there’s no need to invest in any accessories. But hardcore gamers choose otherwise and upgrade their simulators with top-notch flight joystick, monitors and racing wheels to give it a real-life feel. Obutto and Volair carry the major market share of gaming simulators.

Call it futuristic robot chairs or workstations, the future of gaming lies here. Getting a hold of a workstation is not the job of an ordinary man. But the prices are very likely to decrease, considering the increasing popularity. Workstations offer eye-opening features like adjustable monitor racks, customizable lighting zone, and handheld control panels. The convenience it has to offer is like nothing else. Take a look at J20 Gaming Computer Workstation to get mesmerized.

Gaming Chair Guide Part II: General Thoughts on the Right PC Gaming Chair for Gamers

Life would have been so much easier if choosing a chair was as simple as deciding between PlayStation and Xbox. Selecting a gaming chair is no simple task. A lot of thought goes into it. 

While browsing, the top question in your head is: Fine, it looks classy to have a dedicated gaming chair, but are gaming chairs really worth it? What makes a gaming chair better than the rest? What stretches the dollar farthest in the gaming world?

There’s no right answer to this, only you can decide what to pick. We understand that narrowing down the options can often become tricky. It is a difficult decision whether to upgrade your arena or to stick around for a couple more years.

If you spend more than 6-8 hours a day in front of the screen, it makes sense to look beyond the basics in your computer chair. For some, comfort comes first. While the other features outweigh comfort. Mark my words, a decent chair is a lifelong investment.

Who says young adults should take their health for granted. Even if you are in your twenties, your body requirements should not be neglected at the cost of features. Find a good balance between the two and then decide how many dollars you should set aside for this investment. Saving up for something you yearn for has its charm. A durable chair is a decision for life. 

Recent studies on office ergonomics suggest 90% of workers have complained about spinal pain, the reason was always sitting and staring at the screen for extended periods. This habit inherently carries long term consequences that may seem like nothing is too serious.

But if you continue the same lifestyle, they will eventually start hindering your daily routine. Ask the people who have spent their life working at the call centers. We don’t mean to scare you, just giving a piece of friendly advice that is backed by research. Always look for chairs that have adequate neck and back padding to maintain a healthy posture. 

Having blamed in all on the chair, trusting a chair for your health is not very wise. Even if the chair is ergonomically fit, it's still a good idea to get up and stroll around every hour or so, to give your joints some relief. Walking is the cure to the pain of sitting for too long as the vertebrates recover from the stress you had put it in to. The chair and console height work in conjunction to aid in maintaining a healthy posture and avoid something like this from happening. 

When it comes to setting aside a budget for a gaming chair, the rule of thumb that has always worked for me in making a decision is: don’t spend a dime on a feature you won’t use at least once a day. This way it is easier to weigh the chairs with the overall cost.

Before jumping into buying the chair, it is a good idea to log the hours you spend on it daily. Investing in a chair is no joke. It takes away a man’s life long saving in a split of a second. How sad it would be if the chair finds its way to the storeroom because no one uses the chair anymore. 

Spending on the features of your liking makes sense only if you are a hardcore gamer. Casual gamers can make do with the chairs listed as the Best Gaming Chairs Under $100, they don’t have to spend their entire fortune.

Seven things you should consider before buying the chair from your life long savings, your pocket. First is the design, a lot of mid to high range chairs are comfortable but beside comfort looks matter too. Second, the weight, height and dimensions of the chair should suit you and fit in your living room as well.

Third is rather a catch on price point, many chairs are produced by the same manufacturer but are rebranded by different companies before they are rolled out in the market. Look out for any such signs, you might be able to save a chunk from your savings.

Fourth, before you head out to the market, always make a list of the adjustment features that are important to you. Fifth, the lumbar support pillows are usually an add-on, you should know whether you need it with the chair or not.

Sixth, feel the chair before you buy it. If you are making the purchase in person, the salesman will never stop you from sitting on it. Seventh, while a lot of brands offer free return policy, don’t rush into making that decision.

Give the chair a few days to adjust to your body before you decide it's not for you. Lastly, read as many buyer-guides as you can, as it's a good way of knowing what's trending these days. Avid gamers and tech enthusiast share what the companies might hide about their product.

Gaming Chair Guide Part III: 3 Most Important Computer Gaming Chair Features

Gaming chair is worthless if it gets uncomfortable within a couple of hours. Buying the chair has more to do with finding a brand that stay true to their claims on quality and suits your ergonomic needs.

The Top 3 must have features in your new office are listed below:


The winning PC gaming chair is the one that holds onto the ergonomic standards like its backbone. Incorporating adjustable armrests, tilt control, and lumbar support mechanism is an easy way to add ergonomics to your design.It gives the freedom to control the angles of the chair according to your height and body needs. You may need to rob a bank to buy a full-fledged ergonomic chair but a slight compromise on some features can yield an excellent chair well within your budget. Here is what you should look for:

  • Height control: a common feature you will find in nearly all the chairs
  • Armrest height control: not as common but a good to have features
  • Tension control: helps relieve the tension in the backrest making it easier to recline
  • Backrest lock: another good-to-have feature that locks the backrest at a position of your choice.
  • Seat pan slider: slides the chair backward or forward in reference with the vertical center of the chair

If you can't get your head around the information, leave everything aside and remember this: The more ways to adjust the gaming chair, the better it is ergonomically.

Leather or Mesh, choose the one that matches your body temperature. Know your needs because the wrong material can lead to discomfort. Mesh is a highly breathable material as it allows the passage of air and keeps the temperature under control, even when the room warms up with game stress.

Leather has a style statement. It is a few degrees more comfort and an ideal choice for long gaming sessions but only for gamers who run cold as leather retains the body heat. These days some of the mid-range chairs also have PU leather upholstery.

Comfort is extremely important, but so are the looks. The sleek premium looks of a gaming chair give it the real value in the eyes of the customer. Racer game chair is one such series, it is known for the aesthetics in the design more than anything else.

While some users prefer vibrancy, some like the quilted black matte finish of the leather. Whatever your style may be, a well-built stylish chair can slip anyone's heart.

Gaming Chair Guide Part IV: Types of Casters & Caster Replacement 

If you haven’t looked up on the internet yet, the caster is a five wheel assembly that lifts the chair off the ground and bears its entire weight. They are also known as office gliders as you can take a stroll without needing to get out of the chair. these are a lazy man’s best buddy.

Broken caster is not an unusual occurrence, the wheelbase and casters wear out or crack more often than any other part of the chair. It’s the most common complaint at the consumer end. They break easily because mass producers do not even pay much heed to the quality of the material. Opting for heavy-duty caster adds to the cost of the gaming chair significantly.

Besides quality, the caster type is also a point of concern for half the gamers. So it’s a good idea to do some research on it before you head out to the market. Two main types of casters are used by chair manufacturers these days, hardwood floor casters and carpet casters.

Carpet casters use hard plastic for the wheels, they skid just fine on the carpet but it will leave marks on the wooden floor. Hardwood floor casters are made with polyurethane, it soft and keeps the floor scratch-free. Another point to know is the casters come in two variants, with and without pintle. A pintle is a metal stem inside the caster. Feel the difference and pick what works for you better.

Best Casters for Carpets and MatsBest Casters for Carpets and Mats

Slipstick Replacement Office Chair Wheels are the common replacement casters. With its universal 7/16inch stem, the chair wheels can bear 363 pounds of weight.These are easily available and are even backed by a 5 year warranty.

KATU Office Chair Rubber Caster Wheels are also backed by a 5 year warranty. They come in black and grey, these universal shades of black will go well with any chair. The maximum weight rating is 550 pound.

High Ground Perspective: Sitting Disease and Other Trunk & Back Pain Concerns

Enough talking about the latest product lines and their pros and cons, it’s time to shed some light on the inevitable consequences of extended gaming sessions.it is a reality check for all the gamers that the risks associated with sitting for long hours are exigent. 

Let’s take a step back to the time when humans set their first step on earth. In those times, humans use to sit only to eat. But gradually, life took a different turn. The paradigm entirely shifted with industrial and internet revolution. Times have changed now.

The computers have become a staple for work and entertainment as well. Humans find leisure in staring at the screen. They have become so fond of it that they can never get enough of playing games and watching tv.

Long hours of work and entertainment have found people looking at the ways to comfort their distressed spine. Not only are the gamers at risk, but the employees at offices are also moving on the same line as well. Medical Community has even found a name for the disease that has sprung up from ill-effects of sedentary lifestyle ‘the sitting disease’. 

Gaming and watching tv for 14+ hours daily isn’t the most healthy lifestyle. We might think we have tamed our body to keep up with this routine but the lumbar diseases show their effect over the years.

Musculoskeletal injuries were never as common as they are today. Back pain is a complicated medical matter. The evident cause is usually very different from the real habit that pulled the trigger in the first place. The spinal structure is a complicated network of nerves and veins.

Through x-ray, patients with lower back pain have even been diagnosed with herniated or bulging discs. These cases are rather rare but there’s a take away from all such medical diagnosis. There are a few precautionary steps gammers can take to reduce the probability of happening to you.

Change in lifestyle is the real deal. Giving a break to your body from the sitting posture and moving around may sound insignificant. But the truth is when you’re fixated on the TV, getting up to relax and to take a fresh breath lies very low on the priority list. But this action works marvelously in easing the muscles and reverting the compression in internal-vertebral discs. In simpler words, it resets your system and keeps you going for another hour.

Getting the right chair works wonders too. There’s a dedicated product line of ergonomically fit chairs by most high-end brands and they have shown some promising results in correcting your posture. Do a bit of research, I’m positive you’ll be able to find a chair that suits your pocket and works for your spine as well.

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