Who won this Console War 2021? The Best Upcoming Games in 2021



Are you excited to enter the state of consoles where the Xbox series and PS5 are highly competitive with each other?

Although Microsoft and Sony always say in their interviews that they are not a competition between the two.

And if you asked about that, they get frustrated.

But in reality, game lovers are always tried to compare them all of the time.

Some are still said that Sony has now become the driver of this industry.

But the Among Us version is now officially announced that they released in 2021.

And as a part of the X Box Game Pass, you will be able to enjoy it free.

Many people who are friendly- budget, and will not afford to buy these two consoles?

They will have to face difficulty to buy which .

Who won here the last time around?

Play Station became the top score in the previous generation.

PS4 become a platform in gaming when it was first released.

Slogans like “The 4 Players” has shown the crystal clear that Computer also becomes the main source of gaming.

According to a previous report, total sales of all versions of each console updated till 2020 include PS4 112.4 million, Nintendo Switch 63 million, Xbox One 52.8 million.

In the meantime, when Xbox One launched.

They invested a lot and serve their energy in promoting through advertising, also include Kinect camera and live television capabilities.

They have also restricted their older games, now they are still available in a console as well, which has turned off many game lovers.

At the same time, the Wii U, Nintendo Switch failed to gain the attention of the general public.

On the other hand, Play station in the early stage, not only lead but kept their sales at a competitive price, and a conveyor belt of exclusive games.

At this time in 2021, what we are expecting?

At this time, Sony and Microsoft, the high competitor, offering different versions in gaming in the future.

Xbox has received the lesson from launching its Xbox One.

It allows its new machine to gamer-friendly, and concentrate on less than the other features that a console can bring.

With its Netflix-like streaming service Game Pass, Microsoft now becomes high in giving players.

And it access to more games than you can shake a stick at for a monthly fee.

Don’t forget a major blockbuster exclusive.

However to persuade you on day one to part with your cash.

Game Pass is made up predominantly of already accessible interactions.

Halo’s new game, which was expected to be the title of the launch has been postponed.

On the other hand, Sony is also focused on their same strategy that it worked on in 2013.

But it will not have a brand-new new blockbuster game available at launch,

While some will be attracted by an improved Spider-Man adventure featuring Miles Morales.

Microsoft: Halo’s New Game has been delay in launching it’s new console game.
Sony: Spider-Man-Miles-Morales will be available and launch on PS5…

Do you know about the hardware of Xbox Series and PS5?

Rather than the DVD-player-Esque Xbox One line, the Xbox Series X looks like a bookshelf speaker.

Microsoft made changes to the controller, which is all about latency reduction (with its Dynamic Latency Input tech) than Sony-like tweaking feel and feedback.

Smart delivery is another modern and attractive function that prevents you to have played a game on box one.

If you were already successful in registered for a version of Series X, it will automatically serve up the correct version for your box.

Sony suggests the “generations matter” and so the look and feel of the PS5 is very different from the previous devices.

The first thing that stands out as you turn on the console for the first time is a step up in graphical capability compared to the current generation and it’s almost faster than its load times.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X flagship consoles will give your budget a huge dent – and your living room as well.

Compared to the previous version, the devices are massive, and each one will set you back about £ 450.

The releasing date of Xbox Series X is Tuesday, 10 November.

The PS5 will be released on 12 November in several countries, including the US and Japan, with a global release the following week.

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